The Sunshine District is an association of Florida Chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society and is committed to the promotion of Barbershop music to the public and to the musical and administrative training and education of its membership. Member Chapter choruses and quartets are encouraged to perform throughout their communities in support of worthwhile civic, cultural, educational, and charitable endeavors.

The Sunshine District is comprised of over 1800 members in Chapters from Miami to Pensacola. The Sunshine District leads the nation in promoting the musical excellence of Barbershop harmony in our schools and communities. “Singing is Great in the Sunshine State!”

October 2nd, 2015

Sunshine District 2015 Fall Convention is October 9-11, 2015 at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

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If you find you are unable to attend the Fall Convention in person, you can click on the following link to signup for the Convention Webcast for a nominal fee.

Click here for information on the Webcast and to sign up.

September 29th, 2015

Would you like to:

  • Find out WHY we do what we do?
  • Learn motivational skills that will help to improve your chapter (and your personal or business life)?
  • Find out what your chapter really thinks?
  • Learn how to plan the direction for your chapter, business and/or personal life?
  • Help the district by participating in an interactive session that will begin the process of creating online content that will provide resources for training chapter officers?

Please join us for an opportunity to gain some great information that major companies pay big bucks for, all for free.

We will be holding two (2) one hour sessions at the Sunshine District Fall Convention. Our presenter is Shannon Elswick, Past Society President and Society Board Member. Shannon has consulted with major corporations on this subject matter.

The first session will be on Friday, October 9, at 4:00 pm in the Capri room of the Orlando Airport Marriott, immediately following the House of Delegates meeting. HOD attendees are strongly encouraged to attend. The second session will be on Saturday, October 10 at 2:00 pm in the Capri room and will build on the content provided in the first session. Even if you miss the first session, please join us for the second session. You won’t be sorry!

Come join us and use what you will learn to help build a better chapter, district, and or business/personal life! This session is open to any and all members of the Sunshine District and their friends attending the Fall Convention.

Thanks in Harmony,

Roger Smeds
Sunshine District
VP Communications & Information Technology

September 29th, 2015

Although Early-Bird Registration for our 2015 Fall Convention is now closed, you can still register for the convention at standard rates.  The dates are Friday Oct 9th and Saturday Oct 10th at the Orlando Airport Marriott-Lakeside.

  • All-Event Pass pricing is now $65 and will increase to $75 at the door.
  • Hotel rooms are now at standard rates.
  • Fifty-year members: you may now register yourself AND one (1) guest at the discounted rate of $25.

Please spread the word, and visit the Sunshine District Events/ Conventions http://sunshinedistrict.org/events/conventions/ webpage for more information, and for links to register and book your room. Or, you may use the blue buttons on the right sidebar menu on any page on the http://sunshinedistrict.org website to register for the convention and/or book your room(s). More than ever, we need EVERYONE at Convention this Fall!

See you in Orlando!

Chuck Steiner
SUN VP Events

Bruce Checca
SUN Convention Chairman

P.S. we are currently looking for a Convention Action Shot Photographer. This person takes still photos of performers during competition. If you are willing to share your talent (and equipment) with your fellow SUN Barbershoppers, please let us know by emailing Convention Chairman Bruce Checca directly at conventions@sunshinedistrict.org

July 23rd, 2015


It is with great sadness that we report that Sunshine District’s own Gene Cokeroft, Tenor of the 1961 International Champions, The Suntones, passed from our midst today. He was perhaps one of the most influential members of our Barbershop organization in Florida and the rest of the Barbershop world. His work with the youth Barbershop movement in Florida is legendary. The Sun is definitely not shining in Sunshine District today. Rest in Peace, brother.

Following is a tribute from Tim Waurick which includes Gene’s last recording with Tim:

The recording is here: https://soundcloud.com/tim-waurick/when-the-world-was-young-gene-cokeroft-tim-waurick

A Tribute to my friend Gene Cokeroft.

Simply put, but not overstated: Gene Cokeroft is the greatest of all time. A giant in the barbershop world, a kind and gentle man.. Gene is my mentor, confidant, hero and friend. Gene and I have been close for many years. But it’s not just me – there are many many many people who Geno has taken under his wing, mentored and befriended.

The highlight of my Pittsburgh convention was my time with Geno.. I spent time with he and Iris in their hotel room.. Vocal Spectrum rehearsed “It’s You” in Gene’s room right before we walked to the stage. I dedicated “Go The Distance” on the AIC Show to Geno, which appears to be the last barbershop show he ever attended. These are cherished moments which will remain with me forever.. but most important is the quiet time talking with Geno.

Gene and I recorded a song together 2 years ago for an album that I’m working on. I want to share this with you all, with the permission of his wife, Iris – who played this recording for Gene this afternoon.

He sounds amazing on what will be his last recorded song.. which I take great pride and honor in. I start off on tenor until the 2nd verse, which Gene rightfully takes over on tenor for the rest of the song, cue goosebumps! :). I’m singing the baritone, while Gene is singing bass!! I hope you enjoy this recording as we all celebrate Gene’s amazing and impactful life.

Geno told me in Pittsburgh that he had a lot more to do. Well Geno, you have done more than enough.. You changed my life and the lives of countless others through your music and who you are! God bless you, Geno.