The Sunshine District is an association of Florida Chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society and is committed to the promotion of Barbershop music to the public and to the musical and administrative training and education of its membership. Member Chapter choruses and quartets are encouraged to perform throughout their communities in support of worthwhile civic, cultural, educational, and charitable endeavors.

The Sunshine District is comprised of over 1800 members in Chapters from Miami to Pensacola. The Sunshine District leads the nation in promoting the musical excellence of Barbershop harmony in our schools and communities. “Singing is Great in the Sunshine State!”

July 23rd, 2015


It is with great sadness that we report that Sunshine District’s own Gene Cokeroft, Tenor of the 1961 International Champions, The Suntones, passed from our midst today. He was perhaps one of the most influential members of our Barbershop organization in Florida and the rest of the Barbershop world. His work with the youth Barbershop movement in Florida is legendary. The Sun is definitely not shining in Sunshine District today. Rest in Peace, brother.

Following is a tribute from Tim Waurick which includes Gene’s last recording with Tim:

The recording is here: https://soundcloud.com/tim-waurick/when-the-world-was-young-gene-cokeroft-tim-waurick

A Tribute to my friend Gene Cokeroft.

Simply put, but not overstated: Gene Cokeroft is the greatest of all time. A giant in the barbershop world, a kind and gentle man.. Gene is my mentor, confidant, hero and friend. Gene and I have been close for many years. But it’s not just me – there are many many many people who Geno has taken under his wing, mentored and befriended.

The highlight of my Pittsburgh convention was my time with Geno.. I spent time with he and Iris in their hotel room.. Vocal Spectrum rehearsed “It’s You” in Gene’s room right before we walked to the stage. I dedicated “Go The Distance” on the AIC Show to Geno, which appears to be the last barbershop show he ever attended. These are cherished moments which will remain with me forever.. but most important is the quiet time talking with Geno.

Gene and I recorded a song together 2 years ago for an album that I’m working on. I want to share this with you all, with the permission of his wife, Iris – who played this recording for Gene this afternoon.

He sounds amazing on what will be his last recorded song.. which I take great pride and honor in. I start off on tenor until the 2nd verse, which Gene rightfully takes over on tenor for the rest of the song, cue goosebumps! :). I’m singing the baritone, while Gene is singing bass!! I hope you enjoy this recording as we all celebrate Gene’s amazing and impactful life.

Geno told me in Pittsburgh that he had a lot more to do. Well Geno, you have done more than enough.. You changed my life and the lives of countless others through your music and who you are! God bless you, Geno.

July 13th, 2015

Barbershop shows with the best talent in the world, Golf, poolside lounging in the Florida sun, Theme parks within minutes….sound like fun?!?

Labor Day Jamboree is right around the corner and rooms are filling up! Hosted once again at the Orlando Airport Marriott, LDJ 2015 promises to be one of the best ever!

Like the finest barbershop quartets from around the world?… straight from the International Contest, BHS silver medalist, Forefront; bronze medalist, Throwback; Semi-finalist, Signature and LDJ crowd favorite Boardwalk are sure to put on two amazing shows!  Along with the amazing BHS quartets, some amazing SAI foursomes will be joining us including the most recent Queens of Harmony, Bling! And runner up and voted “Crowd Favorite”, Speed of Sound.  Purchase show tickets at LDJ TICKETS. You can also purchase tickets on our Event Tickets page.

Like golf?…sign up HERE for the Dave Labar Almost-Classic Classic at the beautiful North Shore Golf Club near the hotel. You can also sign up on our Event Tickets page.

The Labor Day Jamboree also is the site of the Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest at 4:00 pm on Saturday, so put together a new quartet and join in the fun.

Bottom line….you won’t want to miss LDJ in SUN!!  Make your reservations to attend now!! (click HERE for reservations).

If you have any questions, please contact me at byronpoore@yahoo.com.

See you in Orlando!

Byron Poore
2015 LDJ Chairman

July 13th, 2015

You are invited to…

This Fall, Harmony Foundation International and the Contest & Judging program are again teaming up to auction off the Best Seat in the House. So if you’ve ever wanted to test out your judging chops, you can bid on a seat in the Judge’s pit at your District Contest and be a ‘Judge for a Day’.

Register on the BSITH website (http://BSITH.Harmonize.com) and bid for as many contest sessions as you wish.  Winners will sit with the judging panel, will be able to (unofficially) score contestants, will discuss the contest afterwards with the judges, and will participate in the evaluation sessions that follow. They will be afforded the same access and privileges as the official panel.

Funds raised by the BSITH program will be applied to the programs and projects supported by Harmony Foundation.

Contact: BSITH@harmonize.com

July 6th, 2015


Sunshine District was well represented at the 2015 International Convention and contest held June 29 through July 5, 2015. Congratulations first go to Sunshine District quartets who took home medals in the quartet competition. Third place bronze medals were claimed by Main Street and fifth place bronze medals were captured by Throwback in an incredibly tight contest for the top honors. Details of all the competitions follows.

Collegiate Competition

The collegiate contest was one of the best in recent memory with Sunshine District’s representative, The Institute, placing 14th with a score of 1368 or an average of 76.0%. It is interesting to note that, based on the scores recorded by collegiate quartets, competitors from the first place quartet all the way to our own representatives in 14th place would qualify for regular International quartet competition. Click here for score sheets for the collegiate competition.

Quartet Competition

As stated above, our Sunshine District quartets Main Street and Throwback were in the top honors category with third and fifth place medals respectively. Main Street posted a score of 8313 or an average of 92.4% to secure their 3rd place bronze medals. Throwback posted a score of 8074 or an average of 89.7% earning their first International medals in an incredibly tight competition. Click here for score sheets for the top 10 quartets.

Sunshine Districts other quartet representative in the contest, Signature, produced a very respectable showing making it into the international top 20 with a 15th place finish on their first attempt at International competition. Signature scored 4968 or an average of 82.8%. Click here for score sheets for quartets who place 11 through 20.

Score sheets for quartets who placed 21 through 53 are here.

Chorus Competition

In the chorus competition, we were well represented by Heralds of Harmony, Tampa, FL under the direction of Tony DeRosa (lead of 3rd place quartet medalist Main Street) who placed 9th with a score of 2576 or an average of 85.9% and THX, Sunrise, FL under the direction of Alex Rubin (baritone of 5th place quartet medalist Throwback) who placed 16th with a score of 2453 or an average of 81.8%. Click here for score sheets for the chorus competition.